Case Study 14 - Mike’s Story
“Last year, we were still working like slaves! 80+ hours a week and we barely took home $60,000. Our daughter was about to start university and my wife had to stop work because of illness. Then our accountant called with the bad news. We owed $236,000 in taxes.

A friend recommended Gary take a look at our business. That was six months ago.

The very first month our sales increased from around $11,000 a month to $103,679. And we’ve grown every month since.

It feels so good now to be just working just 3 days a week. It’s great to spend time with my family. We feel so relieved because my daughter’s school fees are paid and the tax is gone too. Plus we’ve been on 2 family holidays this year already!

I’m so happy to be free. We’re starting to enjoy the life we’d always hoped for. Thank you!

- Mike H., Texas, USA

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Mike H. owns a small chain of retail stores in Texas.
Mike, like many business owners, used to have off-seasons where his sales would decline.  “It’s pretty tough to cover rent, payroll, bills, loan repayments etc.”, said Mike.
But since implementing the strategies tailored to his business identified after a 20-minute
Business Growth Diagnostic Toolkit Session,

(Hang in there, because this story has a happy ending for Mike –
and maybe for YOU too!)…,

Mike has been able to
transform those slow months into record breaking sales days.. In his first month he crushed it!  Almost immediately he was making 9x more than his previous record.. and he’s been growing ever since.

Make it a FUN day,

Gary Eldridge

P.S. Assessments begin shortly. And I'm closing the doors to the
Guaranteed Profit Enterprises Diagnostic this week so I can focus on my new clients.
Once the doors close, they are closed until I get the next 12 clients set up and then after we get back from our next family holidays!! :)
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